Ethics and Policies

Please understand by booking and purchasing a reading with me, there are some guidelines that you should have in mind. All are welcome to have a reading regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, their religious background and so on.

While I am honored to choose me for your reading, the session is strictly personal. I have a coaching based approach but some information may rise having a predictive nature. This does not mean that there is a fatalistic approach. The tarot provides a info-snapshot of your life and the situations surrounding you. 

This means that you have the freewill to influence whatever info I pass to you. In fact whatever info I give to you, by your intention to observe and process that,  you  could produce a different outcome, you have a free will. You are responsible for any actions and events that may take place after you process that info. 

Your session with me is of spiritual/philosophical nature and all information is for entertainment purposes only. Therefore the reading is not a substitude of a doctor, lawyer or a financial advisor. 

By purchasing a tarot reading, you affirm that you are 18 years of age or older.