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... Since I was young, I used to see, feel and sense things before they happen....


I am Angelo from Athens, Greece, a classical pianist, a tarot philosopher and a psychic.

I have studied piano in Budapest, in the Liszt Zeneakadema and in Wrenn in Austria.

I have also a diploma in Tarosophia from the the school of Tarot "ELIAIA" in Athens, and I am still studying Tarot at the school of Oracles in New York.

Fascinated by the Tarot philosophy, by its deep meanings of life that come from the knowledge of Ancient Egypt and Atlantis, I immediately found a connection between Tarot and the complexity or simplicity of everyday's life - giving answers, making things clearer and helping us to know ourselves better in order to evolve and grow through us, as humans, in heart, mind and soul.

That is what tarot is about, a path towards "the light", and a way to get to know our higher self, for us to be happier, lighter and clearer.


Angelo koutsoudakis